It has been a hard time over the last few days as I have been doing some good 100mile rides which were really hard due to the wind and then the weather changes to very cold. I went out on the road for one day and almost crashed 5 times in 45min on black ice. I got to one part of the road and there was a couple of cars crashed and traffic everywhere. Just managed to stay up right and got home again. Then I spent two days up in London as my brother-in-law is not very well and my wife is giving him stem cells to try and help so she was having tests. Got to go back up there on 6th Feb for her to go in to hospital to start to give the stem cells.
I am off down the track on Sunday to do some motor pacing so that will be fun, and it looks like we may have a break in the weather next week so will be getting some miles in.
I have been working out my races for this year and if I can find some extra sponsorship it should be a good lot of races but we will see on that. The main thing is that I race in Jersey.