On Sunday I was down the track with about 30 other riders and 1 motorbike. We did a lot of train station stuff at high speed with the warm up I was on the track for 1h45min and did 42miles with a top speed of 37miles, and then I went out for a nice meal with my wife for our wedding anniversary.
Monday I was out on the road for a good 3h ride. It was a nice 1h warm up then I did 20min at TT pace 10min recovery then another 20min at TT pace 10 min Recovery then an hour ride home which was the hard bit.
Tuesday I was going up the mountains today but I have had a change in my medication so may go on the Turbo and do some speed work instead as it maybe safer and anyway first race will be a TT so need to build for that I have enough endurance for now.