Hi All

I am sitting in a hotel room again in Spain after just going to see the first of two TT courses we are doing tomorrow. We were told it was flat but after seeing it and riding it one thing I can say is it is not rolling it is 5K down hill turn at the bottom and its then 5k back up the hill. So it is now going to be road bike and if it rains as it is meant to it will be aluminium rims as well.

After doing the hill twice it was not as bad as it looked I did a small test on it and was able to climb most of it in the 53*16 with some power left in the tank. The thing is tomorrow as they are forecasting rain which will change things a bit. With some luck I will be up there and on the podium.

Right I have to go and build my bikes for tomorrow now. Hopefully it will be a good posting tomorrow