The last few months have not been to good I have been racing in Spain, France and Germany to get some good results which i did with top 10 finishes and some top 5 finishes. This placed me in the top 10 of the world rankings so I was a bit shocked when I am told by the British Team that i am not going to the World Champs even though I did all they asked. I will leave that there or I will say something I will regret.
I was then ill for 2 weeks which is not normal for me. Also I have lost my coach as well so now self coaching which I am finding hard.
So my first race back was just a 10mile TT which was not to bad I managed to do a 22min04sec and was 11th overall. I had a Rudy Project next on a circuit that I liked. I won that by 30sec over a tantem but due to factors that are not working this year I lost by 1min30sec, to have won the event on factors I would have had to won the vets race.
I am doing a 115m sportive on the 29th of August so looking forward to that.

The best news is I have a new sponsor who are going to provide me with all my drinks.

Things are starting to look up I hope.

I will try and keep the website up to date but i keep forgetting to do it