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30th April Spain

Posted by Simon Richardson on Friday, April 30, 2010,

Hi All

I am sitting in a hotel room again in Spain after just going to see the first of two TT courses we are doing tomorrow. We were told it was flat but after seeing it and riding it one thing I can say is it is not rolling it is 5K down hill turn at the bottom and its then 5k back up the hill. So it is now going to be road bike and if it rains as it is meant to it will be aluminium rims as well.

After doing the hill twice it was not as bad as it looked I did a small test on it and was...

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The good and the bad

Posted by Simon Richardson on Tuesday, April 27, 2010,
Hi all

Well that was not a good weekend in the lakes.
Saturday was good I had a nice easy morning with a good breakfast with some nice people in the bed and breakfast. After that I went for a ride around the course, the sun was out it was warm and all was good. I took it easy for the first lap to try and work out what the course was like apart from the bad road surface in places it was very good fast road. I did the second lap at 80% with a couple of efforts on the small hills and I was very p...
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Bad Drive

Posted by Simon Richardson on Saturday, April 24, 2010,
Well that was a horrible drive up to the Lakes yesterday roadworks eveywhere, with lots of people who cannot drive. The Bed and Breakfast we are in is realy nice and like a home from home. I am going out for a spin around the Lakes later to check out the course as they had a lot of flood damage in this area.


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Jif Thursday Ride

Posted by Simon Richardson on Friday, April 23, 2010,

It was a nice hard ride today. About 18 of us met up in the Castell Coffee Shop. Its a normal start with us riding in a 2 bike line. We headed up towards Powerstation hill we come up the main road not up the big hill. From there it a steady 20 to 25mph ride over towards Ogmore we do go a bit faster I know at one time we were doing 35mph+ in a nice string when Mat and me were on the front. When we get to Ogmore the ride splits in to two groups the fast ride goes around the coast when the oth...
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nice ride

Posted by Simon Richardson on Wednesday, April 21, 2010,

Hi all

Had a nice 3 hours in the sun today. Just going around the lanes by myself.

Tomorrow will be different I am meeting JIF in Cardiff for their hard ride. It normally stays together for the first 1h30min then we split and the ride just gets faster and faster. Hard but great fun.

Off up to the lakes on Friday for the next round of the Rudy Project I  like the course up there. I will do a full report on the race


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New Site

Posted by Simon Richardson on Tuesday, April 20, 2010,

I am now back fully new site is almost set up

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