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Posted by Simon Richardson on Saturday, May 29, 2010,

Hi all

Today is day 3 of the racing in Jersey and I am sitting in Bigmaggys writing this. I have spent the last 3 days building my new bikes and doing some races.

Day 1 was a tough day with all the travelling and the early start. We were up at 4:30am and it was off to Gatwick to catch the plane to Jersey. Once there we were straight down to Bigmaggys to finish building my road bike ready for a local club race. I started the race with the fast riders and after 2 laps I had to pull out as I...

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Hard training makes easy racing

Posted by Simon Richardson on Wednesday, May 26, 2010,

Well I have had some very hard days of training over the last week and also a lot of running around to try and get thinks sorted ready to go to Jersey on the 27th. I am almost sorted now got to fetch wheels tonight from James . Dave has finished the bikes just got to tweak them when I get to Got a small race on the night of the 27th and then its hill climb on 28th, TT on 29th, crit on 30th and RR on 31st...
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back to it

Posted by Simon Richardson on Wednesday, May 19, 2010,


I had just a basic week with some good trraining and one 10 mile TT  which I finished 9th in apart from that not a lot happenened last week.
This Monday I was up in Llangynwyd school it was good fun having to talk to five different classes. not done so much talking for a long time.
Back to training again on Tuesday with two turbo sessions, these were done in UWIC with Paul so that he could do Lactic tests.
The one thing I never understand is when I am inside training its nice and warm and sun...

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Urt stage race

Posted by Simon Richardson on Monday, May 10, 2010,


Its been hard racing in Urt in Southern France it has been wet for most of the time.

The first stage was around Urt and was only 84k very fast course I think I touched 45mph in the pack on a fast descent and it was just attack after attack. Every lap we had a climb in it and I am not the best of climbers. Each time we hit the climb the little 50kilo blokes would attack so after about the 3 time up this I slipped backwards off the front group, with one of my team mates we worked for th...

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We got sun

Posted by Simon Richardson on Thursday, May 6, 2010,
Had a very easy day today went out for a spin over the road course again just to play with gears on the hill again. I don't like hills at the best of times but as long as I can get over this one seven times I like the course as it is good for a sprint, but we will have to see what happens tomorrow afternoon.
We now have a nice sunny day so that means it will rain tomorrow lol.
I will do a race report as soon as I can
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Wet Wet Wet

Posted by Simon Richardson on Wednesday, May 5, 2010,

Just been out for an easy two hours in the wet and cold which I enjoyed. As a group we rode the road race course then everyone else got in the van to go to the TT course not sure why they did not ride across with me as it is only 10 miles. It was a easy ride of the TT course then I rode back to the hotel.

The new road race course is a lot better than the other one with just one easier climb I say easy but every climb is easy its just when you take them at speed. I am fitting a 44 ring to t...

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Love the French

Posted by Simon Richardson on Wednesday, May 5, 2010,

I have now been in France since Monday and have been out training on the circuit for Fridays race only to find out that they have changed the course. So instead of doing the circuit we did last year it is now a new one that goes straight past our hotel so am going out to train on that one later and then we are going off to train on the TT circuit then off to the crit circuit as that may have changed to. The problem we have with the crit circuit is that we have two maps of it one hard copy ...
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training ride

Posted by Simon Richardson on Tuesday, May 4, 2010,

Hi all

I have just been for a spin around the race course for Friday we are only doing 87k over 7 laps which 1s only 12.4k laps but it seems to take for ever to get around so either the distance is wrong or the course is harder than it looks, but it’s the same for everyone. The weather is holding up at the moment, but there is still snow and rain forecast for tomorrow, but we will see what happens.

The course it self is very rolling with a big gear up hill finish. I can just about get ...

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Posted by Simon Richardson on Tuesday, May 4, 2010,

These are the top ten results for my class

Stage 1 11k down and up TT

1º 82 ESP19791215 NEIRA, Cesar 4 SEL. ESPAÑOLA 0:18:03

2º 93 USA19790420 KAVANAGH, Samuel 4 U.S.Paralympics 0:18:24

3º 91 NOR19840312 JAHR, Morten 4 Norway 0:18:33

4º 46 COL19900517 DUEÑAS, Diego G. 4 Colombia 0:18:35

5º 45 COL19670207 GAHONA, Luis E. 4 Colombia 0:18:36

6º 86 ITA19720523 MCKEOWN, Shaun 4 Great Britain 0:19:05

7º 85 GBR19661110 RICHARDSON, Simon 4 Great Britain 0:19:18

8º 44 BEL19710704...

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Mondy 03/05

Posted by Simon Richardson on Monday, May 3, 2010,
We had a big storm here last night so much so that when we had the flash of lightning the plug sockets were glowing.

 I was meant to be riding from Spain to France today but a change in the weather and also I have just found out that we could be doing a ablebody crit on Wednesday night so need to hold back on the long ride and no one else is doing the long ride so it would be 110+miles all by myself. Not sure what time we are leaving so will try and get a 3h ride in later.

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Road Race

Posted by Simon Richardson on Sunday, May 2, 2010,

Today’s road race was wet and very slippery. We started late as normal and the race started from the gun as we did not have a neutralized zone as we normally do with in the first 1k we had shed a load of riders and there were group spread out behind us. Russ attacked straight away as he normally did I just sat in the pack watching the Spanish pull him back. Once he was back with us more attacks came but these were soon pulled back. The start finish is now on a cobbled surface so first tim...

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TT day

Posted by Simon Richardson on Sunday, May 2, 2010,

Hi All

I did 2 TT’s today in Spain one I hate the other one I loved.

The morning TT was about 11k which started with an uphill start for about 1k then went down hill for 5k were we turned and climbed for 5k and then it was a 1k decent to the finish. Not a course that I am any good at. I can get up the climbs and I can get up them at race pace but as I am 78kilos I am a bit heavy to keep up with the mountain goats and also it was wet so I took it easy on the way down as I wanted to live ...

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