It was a nice hard ride today. About 18 of us met up in the Castell Coffee Shop. Its a normal start with us riding in a 2 bike line. We headed up towards Powerstation hill we come up the main road not up the big hill. From there it a steady 20 to 25mph ride over towards Ogmore we do go a bit faster I know at one time we were doing 35mph+ in a nice string when Mat and me were on the front. When we get to Ogmore the ride splits in to two groups the fast ride goes around the coast when the other riders go through death valley. When we turn we change to single file chaingang now it got fast, I looked down at the speed going up the steps in to Ogmore and we were doing 28mph and it did not slow until we got back to the main road and the other group. We then slipped back in to a 2 bike line over to Cowbridge, this is when I turn off and head back down the lanes to Bridgend. I managed to do 60miles in under 3hours so that was a good ride as they are not easy roads.

Travelling up to the Lakes today for the Rudy Project