Today’s road race was wet and very slippery. We started late as normal and the race started from the gun as we did not have a neutralized zone as we normally do with in the first 1k we had shed a load of riders and there were group spread out behind us. Russ attacked straight away as he normally did I just sat in the pack watching the Spanish pull him back. Once he was back with us more attacks came but these were soon pulled back. The start finish is now on a cobbled surface so first time round there was a crash behind me which got rid of a few more riders. As we got part way around the second lap Russ attacked again and there was no reaction so we watched him get 100m up the road and someone else jumped and I jumped with them but that came to nothing a few more people tried to jump across to Russ and I went with each one but they all got pulled back. The Spanish went to the front and tried to pace the race but they just seemed to let Russ go I sat about 6th man do as much interference as I could. The Spanish were not happy and I got pushed out a few times. Half way around the 3 lap there was another crash behind me which took about Rik and a few other riders. By this time it had started to rain again so things settled down there were more crashes in the start finish due to the rain. When we got to the last lap the Spanish then decided they need to ride to get Russ back but that was not going to happen so it got very fast and very dangerous I had my pedal touch the Americans leg a couple of time as we got squeezed and I was also touching bars with a Spanish. We came very fast in to the final roundabout and you could see what was going to happen yep rider on the floor lucky he just sat still and we all got around him. I was sprinting for a place in my class when the rider next to me closed me out with help of the barriers, I just touched the back brake and went side ways across the line. We have no results yet so I will post them once I got them.

Forgot to say that Tom had a bit of bad luck at the start and was off the back of the main group for the whole race but in the end he was leading out the sprint when a van stuck its front end on to the course causing him to slow and the German got past him.