Well it was a hard 118 miles on Sunday doing the Sarn Helen Ride. Apart from the mountains it was cold and very wind. It started off ok when I was in a group of 4 riders, they were doing the short route of 80 miles so when we hit the first climb they attacked so I just let them go, I knew what was to come. I got caught by 2 other riders who were also doing the short ride so when we got to the 45 mile mark they stopped and I started the long and lonely ride of 73 miles alone and this was the hard bit with 25% climbs and it was so wet it was hard to climb, if you got out of the saddle you were spinning the back wheel and if you sat you were pulling the front wheel off the ground. Then when you thought you can make up time on the down hill bits you were on the brakes as it was so slippery and you never knew if a side wind was going to catch you on a corner and push you to the edge.
It makes it sound a horible ride but in a strange way I enjoyed it 

Got to do some training now but my legs are not good