Hi all

Well that was not a good weekend in the lakes.
Saturday was good I had a nice easy morning with a good breakfast with some nice people in the bed and breakfast. After that I went for a ride around the course, the sun was out it was warm and all was good. I took it easy for the first lap to try and work out what the course was like apart from the bad road surface in places it was very good fast road. I did the second lap at 80% with a couple of efforts on the small hills and I was very pleased with how I was going. After that we had a nice time in the town looking around the market.
Sunday morning I was up at 6 am and ready for the TT the lady of the guest house got up at 6:30 to make me some food and it was off to the course at 7am. I had my normal good warm up and I rolled to the line ready to win the event and then it happenend I started and there was a bang and my wheel was flat, I thought that was it but they said if i can get it changed they will let me go in 10min which I thought was great so a quick wheel change and I am ready again. I start off great and 3 miles down the road the valve went on my other wheel so that was it 3 mile slow roll back to the car.
That was the end of my weekend.

Got to get ready for Spain and France now with the British Team I fly out on the 29th.