Hi all

I have just been for a spin around the race course for Friday we are only doing 87k over 7 laps which 1s only 12.4k laps but it seems to take for ever to get around so either the distance is wrong or the course is harder than it looks, but it’s the same for everyone. The weather is holding up at the moment, but there is still snow and rain forecast for tomorrow, but we will see what happens.

The course it self is very rolling with a big gear up hill finish. I can just about get up there at 40kph mid bloke. There are a couple of other longer climbs around the course and also some fast descents, but saying that it is a big gear race. Should be good if the weather stays try otherwise it will just be safe and pick up places as others fall off. Not sure what to do tomorrow there is a possibility of a crit but only if its dry in the evening so it is either sit around and do nothing all day and hope it is on or ride down to the tt course.