Hi All

I did 2 TT’s today in Spain one I hate the other one I loved.

The morning TT was about 11k which started with an uphill start for about 1k then went down hill for 5k were we turned and climbed for 5k and then it was a 1k decent to the finish. Not a course that I am any good at. I can get up the climbs and I can get up them at race pace but as I am 78kilos I am a bit heavy to keep up with the mountain goats and also it was wet so I took it easy on the way down as I wanted to live to race later. The results are still not fully up and we thing I lost 30 sec so if that is right I am pleased as it felt like I had lost a lot more.

The afternoon stage was more me it was a sporting TT and it was dry and I hammered it for the whole TT. The course starts of rolling and potholes we then turned left off the main road and start a couple of short climbs before we hit the longer climb but it was nothing like the morning one it was then a fast decent touching 80kph on the wrong side of the road over taking the police motorbike which felt great. After that it was just a very quick roll in to the finish I even managed to get air time over a big speed bump. I finished the 13k in 21 min so not to bad and if it had been another 1k I may not have finished I was spent crossing the line. Still no results for that race so not sure if I made up time I would have hoped to as I was catching people everywhere.

Got the RR this morning and it is meant to be wet again