Just been out for an easy two hours in the wet and cold which I enjoyed. As a group we rode the road race course then everyone else got in the van to go to the TT course not sure why they did not ride across with me as it is only 10 miles. It was a easy ride of the TT course then I rode back to the hotel.

The new road race course is a lot better than the other one with just one easier climb I say easy but every climb is easy its just when you take them at speed. I am fitting a 44 ring to the bike so if we have any easy laps I can rest a bit instead of going up there in the 53. Apart from that the course is basically just fast roads.

The TT course is something like 5miles not to sure but it’s a fast rolling course with one short climb and some very fast sweeping descents. The only tricky part will be getting out of the village with the roundabouts and sharp turns.

Going to see the crit course this afternoon